Are you a drummer? Tune your drums in a flash, choose the total comfort of AereO-Key!

AereO-key is your drum magnetic skin tuning key.  It’s fast, practical, and it makes the life of every drummer much easier.

The successc of Aereo-key continues!!  Do not trust of imitations.



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    100% Made in Italy quality


AereO-Key is a TestaQuadra Drums product


Tuning your drums

Tuning is fundamental to create the perfect harmony between the drum player and his or her instrument. It is a process that requires a lot of time and attention and needs to be carried out before each performance.

TQ drums can boast a high expertise in the world of drum playing, which is made of absolute precision and perfect timing. This is why it has developed AereO-key, the practical drum skin tuning key with a unique design, which has been specifically studied to make your preparation for each performance even more simple.

How often have you lost your tuning key precisely when you needed it the most, in that exact moment when you needed to prepare your drums for that one piece that was going to make the crowd go wild? How many times were you distracted by that incessant metallic rattling caused by the imprecise bush of your low-cost tuning key?

Before an important performance, concentration and harmony are absolutely crucial. Nothing should distract the musicians or create difficulties, nothing can go wrong.


Designed by a drummer, for drummers

Luca Galmarini, founder of TQ drums and drummer, is perfectly aware of how stressful and annoying it can be not to be able to find your tuning key when you need it, and, consequently, not knowing for sure if your drums are 100% perfect.

This is why he designed and created AereO-Key, the magnetic, practical, and functional tuning key that will stay right by your side during each performance.


AereO-Key’s design is one-of-a-kind and conceived to satisfy drummers’ specific needs.

    • It’s magnetic

      You can attach AereO-Key to any metallic part of your set and always keep it at hand, without clutter or annoying rattling.


    • It’s precise

      The cap on the magnet has symbols that allow you to rotate the tension rod clockwise or counter clockwise up to 360o. This way you have a precise visual reference to tune all your tension rods.


    • It’s fast

      In case you need to replace the skins on your drums, AereO-Key will allow you to tighten the tension rods quickly while avoiding unnatural movements with your wrist.


    • It’s ergonomic

      The shape and weight distribution in AereO-Key are the fruit of a careful and highly detailed ergonomic study.


    • It’s silent

      The coupling bush for the tension rods is so precise that once you put it in place, it significantly reduces all movements caused by the vibrations of the percussions.


    • It’s resistant

      The neodymium magnet is enclosed in a special unbreakable cup and the nickel coating ensures much higher durability.


  • It’s 100% Made in Italy

    AereO-Key was entirely designed,  made and assembled in Italy in order to guarantee top quality for all drum players.

It’s 100% inspired by the area where i live

AereO-Key is shaped like an airplane in homage to the territory where it was born. A land that boasts 200 years of history in the construction of aircrafts.




What drummers saying about AereO-Key




Adam Teixeira

“AereO-Key makes tuning very easy and it’s shaped like an aeroplane!”


Angelo Corvino

“Un’idea stupenda, originale che consiglio a tutti”


Giuseppe Ronzoni

“Um gadget muito interessante! Fácil de manusear, forte e muito preciso”



Magnetic drum key

Always at hand



Correct use of AereO-Key


Replacing the skins

Fast/easy replacing


Manual assembly phases carried out in our laboratory.


Luca Galmarini

Founder TQ drums


Why should I spend more for an AereO-Key instead of buying a standard tuning key?

Because you would be buying a design object which is 100% Made in Italy and which can give you a functionality that other keys can’t achieve. The resistance and sturdiness of AereO-Key ensures that you only need to spend your money once, because with time prices fade away, but quality stays.

Is the magnet strong enough to keep the key in place and secured even with the drum’s vibrations?

If you place AereO-Key on the flat metallic parts of your set, its magnet ensures that the key stays securely in place and that it resists the stress caused by a standard playing style.

I don’t understand how it can help me while tuning my drums

• If you already have the instrument previously tuned but you want to try to change the tension. The symbols on the cap allow you to accurately quantify the tightening of the screws.

Watch the video

  • When replacing the drums skins  AereO-Key lets you be fast.

Watch the video

Why does it have nickel coating?

TQ Drums decided to focus on the resistance and sturdiness of the key as a main goal. The nickel coating ensures longer durability, as opposed to other types of treatment.

Are there any limitations in using AereO-Key?

AereO-Key is sold with a user’s manual translated into five languages. All the limitations concerning the use of the magnet, its disposal, and the limitations of use of the tuning key are specified in the manual.

Download the manual and discover all the AereO-Key features



The Made in Italy quality of the AereO-Key tuning key is the strong point of the product and what every drummer needs.

Discover all of AereO-Key’s technical specifications.
Download the manual and learn all about your next tuning key.

Download the manual



AereO-Key è un prodotto TestaQuadra drums 



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