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AereO-Key is the drum skin tuning key which a drummer will never be able to do without!

Take advantage of the launch offer!!!   AereO-Key







TestaQuadra Set

Their peculiarities are: a rich sound, a high precision in fine-tuning, a big sustain and an innovative disign. 





This bass drum offers many different sounds thanks to the angles of “Quadratura” and to the innovative Square Skin System.



Quadratura Snare

The innovative “Quadratura” System gives the snare a precise sound and a dynamic control that satisfy all drummers’ needs.



Quadratura Tom

All of our toms answer to your needs. The possibility to have so many measures with the “Quadratura” System offer to drummers complete sounds opportunities. 



Quadratura Floor Tom

“Quadratura” System makes our floor toms without holes not for the anchorage of rings nor for legs fixing.




We strongly believe that part of our duty is to also have a responsible management of the wood, a crucial natural resource for our products. That’s why we carefully select all our goods and make sure that our products have the minimum impact on the environment. For the same reason, we also strictly use eco-friendly acrylic paint across our product range.


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