R & D

The driving philosophy of  TestaQuadra drums project is the innovation made possible by the vibrancy of the R & D Department, which combines practicality and design with the constant search for the best possible sound quality.

Quadratura System is an assembly system consisting of:




This system consists of two perforated and pantographed rings ( fig.1 )





allowing to insert 4 curved wood panels (fig.2 ),





which together create four 90 degree angles (fig.3).


That’s where the “Quadratura” name comes from: it means ”squaring” in Italian.


Qua-Drum with SquareSkin system:



Thanks to the inner frame with a trim profile on the resonant skin, the case is precisely matched by the skin tension variation.




At the same time, you can maintain a single line cleaning thanks to the fact that the frame is housed in the case.



The pedal housing plate is fitted with height-adjustable rubber mounts.




Research and development:


Some phases of prototype design and preparation:



the first assemblies.



some novelties that will be in production …………..




TQ drums LAB

TQ drums on request expands its service to the public with a musical instrument repair workshop. The philosophy that has distinguished TQ drums also continues in its TQ LAB:




Contact us for information or quotes. info@tqdrums.com 

An example of work carried out in our laboratories.










We strongly believe that part of our duty is to also have a responsible management of the wood, a crucial natural resource for our products. That’s why we carefully select all our goods and make sure that our products have the minimum impact on the environment. For the same reason, we also strictly use eco-friendly acrylic paint across our product range.


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